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How to maintain the cartoning machine in use

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Cartoning machine production and use can be driven by the rapid development of economy, especially in the modern information era, machinery and equipment accounted for our daily life, especially in some large enterprises and factories, machinery and equipment not only can save a lot of time and labor intensity, but also greatly improve the the work efficiency, and the production and use of an advantage is that machines can do a lot of people can not be hand work, help people solve a lot of problems, the use of cartoning machine can not only make the drug to complete a continuous process, but also can realize the automatic labeling, product scale and standardization, for some product especially obviously, cartoning machine in daily use and maintenance should be done is
1, packing machine in the work and the use of timely cleaning and cleaning, keep the machine clean and sanitary, and to cut off the power switch
2, for some relatively easy to wear parts have wear tome to be replaced in a timely manner, if loosening of the phenomenon of the machine parts are found to tighten timely, ensure the safe operation of the machine Some parts of
3, cartoning machine after a long time to add lubricating oil regularly, make sure the machine does not produce friction in operation
4, cartoning machine in addition to the daily cleaning and maintenance, should also be timing and regular maintenance, so as to make use of the machines last longer

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